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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington


The first step in obtaining your Motorcycle learners licence is knowing how to ride the bike 🙂

No experience? No problem!
The Two Bald Bikers will patiently take you through your first experience on the bike and make sure you get it right from the get go.

This is a 90 minute course and will only cost you $175 with a maximum of two people, price includes bike hire.

Please note; you MUST be able to confidently ride a pushbike before you attempt to ride a motorcycle.

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Basic Handling Skills Wellington

Basic Handling Skills

A must do if you wish to gain a motorcycle licence. We limit numbers to a maximum of TWO students per session (10:30 -12:30 and 13:00 – 15:00) to ensure that you get the personalised training and coaching you deserve. Courses run on Fridays and Sundays.

We believe our BHS course is the most cost effective you will find in Wellington, our course fee of $230 includes bike hire, helmet and gloves. The BHS test is included in the fee and is conducted at the end of the course.

Please note that in order to attempt the Basic Handling Skills course you must be able to competently and confidently ride a geared and clutched motorcycle. If you are not sure then perhaps start with our learn to ride course.

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Custom Course

New and nervous? Returning and rusty? An old dog wanting to learn some new tricks?

We all have areas we want to improve on. At Two Bald Bikers we will happily design a session based on YOUR needs and the results that YOU would like to see. We will discuss with you what you would like to improve on and structure a targeted training plan to achieve those goals.

From low speed control to open road advanced riding. Two Bald Bikers is here for you. Want to know more?

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What We Are About

Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

We know the value of the journey we have been on so really the only proactive choice was to study and qualify as NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) approved instructors and pay the learning forward. So here we are, our only motivation is to see motorcyclists having more fun, being confident and being safer on the roads, we want to make a difference. We know that we will not get rich doing this, but that’s not really the point is it? With over 65 years of combined riding experience we know we can help you. “God only made so many perfect heads….. The rest He covered in hair”

Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)

Move from your learner to restricted licence with NO minimum time required on your learners. The diagram below taken from the NZTA website explains it very well.

Two Bald Bikers provides assessment only, assessment with an hours training as well as a full training course for the CBTA. We do recommend that you take the opportunity to grab some training to ensure you have the best chance of passing your assessment first time. Our training courses are run one on one to give you the very best targeted and personalised preparation we can.

Think you are ready for your assessment but not too sure? You are more than welcome to book an hour or two with us so we can give your riding the once over, then you can know for certain.

Our CBTA Restricted course is a full day of ONE on ONE training designed just for you, we will conduct a pre-training assessment to identify your training requirements then tailor a training program to address those issues. We have found that clients that take this option have no problem passing their assessment.

Our pricing is as follows:

CBTA Restricted

$195Assessment only

CBTA Restricted Course

$6006-8 Hours training including assessment fee

CBTA Full Licence

$175Assessment only

CBTA Full Licence Course

$6006-8 Hours training including assessment fee


$90Training per hour

Two Bald Bikers are proud to offer the
ACC Ride Forever subsidised training programme

Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Scooter Survival

The urban commuter training course is a half day training course that is ideal for scooter riders wanting to stay safe while commuting by scooter and improve their riding skills.

The training is aimed at scooter riders whose riding is primarily commuting in urban environments and traffic. New scooter riders looking to build early skills and confidence can also find this course valuable.

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Urban Rider

Just got your learners and nervous about riding on the road? We have just the course for you! The same excellent Ride Forever Urban Rider programme, but targeted to those with zero on road experience. We will even supply the bike!
Start your riding career the right way, take the first steps toward Awesome.

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Bronze Rider

The Bronze course is aimed at riders with a Learner’s licence and riders on their Restricted Class 6 (motorcycle) licence who are riding LAMS-approved motorbikes. The course takes riders on local roads, predominantly in an urban setting although some higher speed roads may be encountered.

This training course specifically focuses on NZTA’s Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) competencies and tasks, supporting riders to pass the Class 6 CBTA Restricted or Full licence assessment.

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Silver Rider

The Silver course is designed to assist with taking Restricted riders to their Full Licence as well as offering ‘returning riders‘ a course which will focus on both urban riding and riding in more challenging, open-road environments at higher, open-road speeds.

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Gold Rider

The Gold course has the fundamental approach of the Ride Forever Syllabus, while offering a higher skill level. It includes more technical aspects of riding such as trail braking and counter-steering. It allows for a more focused approach to training by allowing a club/rider to build their own course content.

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If you can’t find a course date that works for you then please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

Please ensure you bring along a pair of headphones you can COMFORTABLY wear under your helmet (3.5mm jack plug)

Meet The Team

Learn To Ride Motorcycle Wellington

Ross Gratton

I am a father, a husband, a son, a brother. I am a motorcyclist, and I love it 🙂 I am committed to providing you with the most valuable training and the most pleasant experience possible. Riding a motorcycle is not inherently dangerous, sword swallowing is inherently dangerous, relieving yourself on an electric fence is inherently dangerous, motorcycling is just incredibly unforgiving. Unfortunately we see the results of the unforgiving nature of our passion splashed across the media far too often. Let’s be honest, it is all too easy to sit on the side lines and complain about things, that is not what I’m about, I want to be the change I wish to see in the world.